Your kitchen is the centre of your family’s life. It is the most shared and used area of your home. A functional kitchen layout will save you time and improve the quality of your daily life. You have many options when it comes to your designing your kitchen, but here are some common kitchen layout problems to avoid as you plan your Calgary custom home or think of renovating your kitchen.

1. Distorting the Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle is formed by linking the areas of the sink, stove, and refrigerator. These are the three highest use areas of your kitchen and should be in close proximity to each other, with no obstructions. You don’t want the kitchen triangle to be too small because there won’t be enough area to work. You also don’t want it too large because it makes it less convenient to use effectively.

If you are cooking and you need something from the fridge, you don’t want to have to walk around an island to get it. When you are taking pots off the stove, you want the sink nearby without any obstacles.

In an older home, the location of your sink will be dictated by the existing plumbing. Plumbing pipes can be moved, but it is costly. In a new home build, your layout options are wide open, so you can get the exact kitchen you desire.

2. Not Enough Counter Space

Having ample counter space will make food preparation and cooking much more enjoyable. You need space to chop vegetables, layout plates, and keep all your small appliances. The more counter space the better. A large island is perfect for creating much more usable work space and it can also function as a breakfast bar so your family can eat close to the kitchen triangle as they rush to start their busy day.

3. Inadequate Ventilation

With modern, open kitchens, it’s absolutely imperative to have good ventilation in the kitchen to get out all the food smells quickly. While the garlic and onions you are frying up smell great for dinner, you don’t want your house to smell like that for the next couple of days. Don’t cut corners on your range hood. You want a good ventilation system that expels cooking odours outside and doesn’t just circulate the air in the kitchen.

4. Poorly Designed Lighting

It’s great to have soft, dim lighting to create a relaxing mood for an intimate dinner, but you also need bright light, unobstructed by shadows when you are preparing food, reading the newspaper or playing family games at the table. A range of lighting options is important to maximize the use of your kitchen.

You’ll need bright lighting above your stove, sink, island and counter work areas. When working in the kitchen, overhead lighting will often cast shadows, so under the counter lighting can keep your work areas bright.

5. Not enough storage

A well-designed kitchen will include sufficient and accessible storage for all the small appliances, dishes, utensils, dry goods and groceries that are essential to your daily living. Items used daily like your coffee machine, coffee grinder and toaster will likely be kept in the open on your counter. Lesser used items like food processors, blenders, large pots, frying pans, etc, will need to be put away.

You’ll want to minimize wasted space in hard-to-reach cabinets or pantries so that everything is easily accessible. Try to effectively use all the available space as much as possible. It’s a great idea to install storage cabinets above your refrigerator and range hood, to keep items handy, but out of the way.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Layout

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