Building a custom home is a fantastic opportunity to choose every material, style, colour, appliance, faucet, window, and other details of your home to get exactly what you want. There are no compromises or limitations. If it’s within your budget requirements, it’s possible. This is one of the key benefits of working with a Calgary custom home builder to plan, design and build your dream home. You get what you want, your way.

Custom home features and options

The Home Building Process

Choosing the final finishes and options for your home comes in the later stages of the home building process. There is no need to worry about the colour your bathroom tiles the type of lighting you’ll have in your living room until other critical decisions have been made in designing your home. Our designers and architects at Copper Brook will guide you through the entire process to make designing and building your home enjoyable and stress free. This is your dream home, you deserve to enjoy the planning and designing stages as much as you’ll enjoy the completed house.

In the early stages of the home building process, we’ll focus on collaborating with you to discover exactly what you want in your home in terms of location, size, layout, use, etc. We start with the bigger decisions and gradually narrow down to getting all the details exactly right.

Once the land for your dream home is purchased, we’ll consult to maximize use of it’s natural geography, views and approach, while meeting the unique needs of your family.

In the Design Discovery Phase, we’ll work together to discover exactly what you want in your home now and into the future. Your family structure will likely change over the years, so it’s important to design a home that will maximize effective use of space and be functional for decades to come.

In the Pre-Construction Phase, we’ll start delving down into the options of materials, finishes, appliances, lighting and other options you have in building your custom home.

It might seem a little over-whelming, but don’t worry, at Copper Brook, we take great pride in our customer service. We’ll take the time to answer all your questions, explain your options and help you stick within your budget.

Throughout the Construction Phase, you’ll still have ample time to make your selections of different finishes, colours, fixtures, floor coverings, appliances, etc. Don’t worry about changing your mind. Our unique Cost-Plus Transparent Pricing shows you all the actual costs incurred in building your home. Choosing lower cost options will lower the price, premium options will increase the price by the amount Copper Brook is charged, plus our 10% fees to cover all the design, project management and consultation. There are no hidden surprises. You’ll also benefit by the buying power Copper Brook has built up over the years. We pass our bulk discounts on to you.

Choosing Your Options and Finishes

There are so many options available in your custom home that it’s exciting just thinking about it. The only real limitation is your budget. If you have a hard budget, it’s important to stay within those boundaries. We’ll help explain the costs and trade-offs of the different choices available to you.

Another key factor to consider is the salability of your home in the future. While, it’s unlikely you’ll be selling your custom home in the near future, it’s a good idea to consider the possibility down the road. Exotic materials, ultra-high-end appliances and other options that might not be appreciated by all home buyers, are best to be avoided. It’ll save you money now and make your home more sellable in the future.

Exploring your Options

One of the best ways to explore different home layouts, design ideas, finishes, materials and other options is the photo focused website Pinterest. Create an account on the site and save “Pins” on everything you like.

Saving Home Features you Like on Pinterest

Use the search function on the top of the site to look for images you like.

Create “Boards” for the different rooms of your home to save your pins. Consider Pinterest Boards such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Siding, Layout, Lighting, Flooring, etc.

Creating Boards to save all the options you like.

Save everything you like and browse through your photos often for inspiration and ideas. It’s great to discuss different photos with your family, friends and your Copper Brook team. It’s much easier to communicate your ideas through photos, then trying to explain in words.

Once you have a better idea of what you like and what you want in your home, Copper Brook can share product catalogs and recommend suppliers to visit so you can examine your materials and options in person. You’ll love selecting all the options and finishes in your home.

Building a Custom Home with Copper Brook

Your dream home is one of the most important purchases of your life. At Copper Brook, we strive to make every step of the home building process stress-free and enjoyable. Choosing everything from your roofing material to the colour of flooring in your kitchen, is an exciting opportunity to get every detail perfect in your home. Josh and the Copper Brook team are always available to answer all your questions and to help guide you through all your decisions. Give us a call at 403- 287-6597 today to start planning the home of your dreams.