Your kitchen is the most important room in the house. After all, it’s a place to socialize, spend time with family and relax. While standard kitchens can be beautiful, it’s unlikely that they will exactly fit your lifestyle and design aesthetic. Copper Brook custom kitchens, on the other hand, are a way to ensure the perfect space that you have always dreamed of.


There is no right answer to what makes a perfect kitchen – it all depends on the owner’s preferences. For some, this may be a traditional design with a lot of cooking space, while for others a social open concept with a modern aesthetic is their dream kitchen. The bottom line is the perfect kitchen is the one that fits your lifestyle. That’s why building a custom kitchen is such a great choice – you can choose any style, colour, material and design. Plus, you can pick among the top quality materials that will last longer and give your kitchen a luxurious feel.


What is the perfect custom kitchen for you? That’s what our team of experienced designers will work to figure out. CopperBrook will make sure that everything in your kitchen responds to your specific needs and wishes, while combining luxury and comfort. Some popular custom kitchen designs include cooking islands, bar areas for socializing and optimized cabinetry and surface spaces. For enthusiastic cooks and entertainers, appliances are also extremely important, such as gourmet ovens for baking, built-in oversized fridges, dual gas and electric stoves and more.


Besides your ideal kitchen space, CopperBrook will also make sure that your kitchen cabinetry is the perfect fit and style. We use the latest CNC (Computer Numeric Control) technology to make precisely cut cabinets every time. With the help of our experts, you choose the size, shape and placement of your cabinets through digital mock-ups. Then, you can select from numerous materials, colours and styles, from environmentally friendly options to exotic and rare choices. Once the design is ready, we will use our in-house computerized cutting machine to produce your perfect cabinets.


While it might be the most important room, the kitchen is part of a larger picture – your home. It needs to tie in with the flow and design of the rest of your house, whether you are building a new custom home or are undertaking renovations in your current space. A custom designed kitchen will help ensure that it’s the right compliment to the rest of the spaces in your house, without understating its importance.

Together with Copper Brook, you can have the perfect custom kitchen to create memories with your friends and family. Combine your tastes and aesthetics through a wide selection of materials and styles, with optimized space, custom-cut cabinetry and all of your favourite appliances, for just the right blend of comfort and luxury.

Need help in bringing your custom kitchen design ideas to life? Call Copper Brook at 403.287.6597. We’ll make sure you get your dream kitchen on-time and on-budget.