Designing the kitchen of your dreams is a critical part of the process of building your custom home. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. You likely will spend a large part of your day there, preparing meals, sitting with the kids as they do homework, and eating dinner as a family. You have plenty of choices in bringing together your custom kitchen, from the appliances to the counter materials to the finish on the cabinets. But before you can look at paint samples, you have to choose a layout. Learn more about the types of kitchen layouts available to you when you build a custom home with Copper Brook.

Kitchen Layouts With Island

Islands are a popular feature in custom kitchens. Providing both extra working space and an inviting, open feel to your living space, kitchen islands can be incorporated into many layouts. Similar to the island is the peninsula, a feature of the popular G-shaped kitchen layout. A peninsula is attached to one of the kitchen walls, and is usually shorter than the other sides of the room. The point is to add additional counter space or a place for family and guests to sit, inviting them into the kitchen space and removing layout-based boundaries between the cook and the rest of the home’s inhabitants. To build a kitchen with an island you will need to have a fair amount of room to make sure there is adequate walking space around it.

Galley Kitchen Configurations

The galley kitchen is a traditional layout common in smaller spaces or in homes where only one cook will be in the kitchen at a time. The galley layout has two walls of cabinet and working space facing one another, giving the cook an extended, narrow space in which to work. The traditional galley kitchen takes its cues from the galley of a ship, and is usually closed off at one end. Today’s galley kitchens, however, may be open-ended. This contributes to a more opened-up floor plan and brings in more light. On the other hand, there is no room for a kitchen table in the galley layout, and the configuration discourages interaction between the cook and the rest of the family.

L-Shaped Kitchen Floor plans

An L-shaped kitchen works for medium or small spaces, and takes advantage of corner space. Countertops on two adjoining walls form the classic “L” from which this layout takes its name. One undeniable advantage of the L-shaped kitchen layout is its versatility. The “legs” of the “L” can extend as far as you have room, making for a kitchen layout that feels spacious. Traffic won’t be a problem with this configuration, and multiple cooks can share the kitchen. An eat-in kitchen is possible with this layout, meaning that family and friends feel invited into the action going on in the room.

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

The U-shaped kitchen is also called a “horseshoe” kitchen because of its layout. Three walls typically form the perimeter of the U-shaped kitchen, allowing for plenty of working and cooking space. Latter-day U-shaped kitchens utilize an island as the third “wall,” keeping the floor plan open and inviting. Doing so eliminates the historic downside of a horseshoe kitchen, which is that there is no seating room. If you don’t mind losing some cabinet space, you can also turn the third “wall” of the U-shaped kitchen into a peninsula, leaving the lower area for storage and seating.

One Wall Kitchen Layouts

One wall kitchens are often found in small homes, apartments or condos. Thanks to the popularity of open floor plans in custom homes, however, the one wall kitchen is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. The obvious advantage to this type of layout is that everything – appliances, the sink, and the stovetop – are all within easy reach. On the other hand, one wall kitchens tend to have less counter/prep space in comparison with other custom kitchen layouts. This can be remedied with the use of a movable island or simply a large kitchen table that can double as extra surface space.

Copper Brook for Your Ultimate Kitchen and Custom Home

Not sure about the perfect kitchen layout for your custom home? Copper Brook has you covered. Our expert designers and architects will work with you to design the perfect kitchen and home. In our custom home building process, we’ll take the time to discover what your family needs now and into the future. With Copper Brook you’ll get the personalized approach of a smaller, local company with the professionalism and experience you’d expect from a larger one. Designing a custom kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of building your new home. Let us help you make your dream kitchen a reality!