Deciding on the perfect layout is a critical step in building your ultimate dream home. Your new home layout needs to accommodate your family now and well into the future so it’s important to get it right. At Copper Brook, we’ll carefully guide you through the entire process, but if you want to start thinking about your floor plan now, here is some advice to get you started.


Start with the natural features of your land to plan your layout. A top custom home needs to harmoniously incorporate natural surroundings to maximize comfort, enjoyment and energy efficiency. Factors such as topography of your site location, sun exposure, prevailing winds and views all greatly affect the layout of your home and impact it’s livability. What are the primary features of your land? Design around what is most important.


Your entire family should be involved in the planning process to design the perfect layout for everyone. What is the daily lifestyle of all your family members now and into the future? Consider everyone’s wishes, but ultimately the parents need to decide. After all your paying for it all. This will very likely be the last home you’ll every build so make sure it’ll accommodate your needs well into the future.

Do you need a formal dining room for entertaining or does your family prefer to spend time in a great room?

What key features are required in your ultimate kitchen? Younger children will require play space in monitoring distance from the kitchen, while older children will more likely prefer secluded time in their own spaces.

Will older children be leaving the home soon? Perhaps their desires for large rooms and private bathrooms can be redirected to private guest quarters that both your adult kids and other friends will use?

As parents how much do you value private time in your own spa bathroom versus family time in other rooms of the house?

Take some time to truly explore what you want out of your house. Understanding what you want is an important step in building the perfect custom home.


The best way to really get a feel of different home plans is to visit as many show homes as you can. Even though you’ll be building your own custom home, you can still get ideas from different houses on the market now. Take the best ideas of different designs to combine into your ultimate dream home. Our team at Copper Brook will provide on-going advice and guidance on your vision, but it’s very valuable to invest the time to see what’s possible.

When you are visiting show homes, really try to experience what it would be like to live there. Sit down at the kitchen table, relax in the sofa for a while, picture yourself cooking at the stove. Try to really imagine how functional different rooms are. How do rooms connect and interrelate? What do you like and what do you dislike? Take lots of photos and notes and start keeping a file of all of your preferences and ideas.


Sites like Pinterest, Houzz and other home improvement sites are great for saving photos of home features that you like. This will help you decide exactly what you want and help you communicate your desires to your design team at Copper Brook. Start searching for outdoor decks, fireplaces, patio doors, windows, staircases, kitchen appliances, recreation room amenities, etc. All will help you picture your dream home and help in the design of the layout. It’s very likely that your home layout will be affected by the appliances and features you want in your home. Start keeping a file or making bookmarks of everything that interests you online.


The internet is an immense help in perfecting your dream home. There are countless websites with samples of home layouts. You can browse home design websites, interior design websites and other sites dedicated to floor plans. Take time to discuss what is good and bad about different layouts with your family. While it’s difficult to accurately imagine how your layout will affect your lifestyle, great photos can communicate a lot of information.


Start with very rough designs based on the key features of your site. Pay special consideration to how it all works together. The location of your home will dictate where the driveway will be. The driveway will affect the position of the garage. Natural views will affect the placement of main rooms and outdoor entertainment areas. Start getting some very basic ideas on paper to better visualize layout options.


There are great online tools that allow you to create your own home layouts. This is a great way to experiment with different options and help you visualize what your day-to-day life will be like. Once you have played around with some simple sketches, you can move to more detailed and accurate layout designs. The Autodesk HomeStyler, RoomStyler and RoomSketcher are all great tools to start with.


Of course, you won’t be designing your home alone. Copper Brook is here to help guide you through all the steps and answer any questions you may have. You’ll have access to Owner Josh Kulbaba, and your own designer and project manager to make sure your dream home is your perfect home. Exploring your home layout options will only improve the process by giving you a clearer idea of what you want and need now and long into the future. Contact Copper Brook today at 403 – 287-6597.