Building your dream home is a major investment in time and money. It’ll most likely be the last home you ever live in so you want to make sure you get all the details right. Nothing affects the quality of your future lifestyle more than where you decide to build your house. Both inner city and acreage lifestyles have their advantages. What’s right for your family now and into the future?

Calgary Inner City Custom Homes


Calgary is a beautiful city. We have a great consolidated downtown core with tall, modern buildings. We have beautiful rivers, pathways and natural areas. There’s a vibrant downtown core with a burgeoning art and foodie scene. Living close to work minimizes your daily commute potentially saving you many hours every week, while greatly reduce the stress from rush hour traffic. All these factors make the inner city a very exciting and interesting place to live.

There are many truly stunning communities with natural spaces like Mount Royal, Ramsay, Bridgeland, Montgomery, Parkland and more. Great inner city lots, some with amazing views, can still be found, particularly in this slow economy.

Of course, there are tradeoffs as well. For the same amount of money you are going to have smaller land to enjoy the outdoors. Calgary summers on your backyard patio are not the same inside the city versus on a sprawling acreage. Plus there is noise, crime and other nuisances that are not so serious in Calgary, but still might be a consideration for some.

Acreage Custom Homes outside of Calgary


Acreage living opens up an entirely different experience. With the close proximity to the mountains, stunning, panoramic views are almost guaranteed on luxury homes. With your neighbours at a distance, all rooms can offer views with less concerns of privacy. It’s great to leave your windows uncovered, making your home much brighter and open.

The features and topography of your land will greatly influence your home’s layout and overall design. At Copper Brook Custom Homes Calgary, we pride ourselves on building distinct homes centred around the key geography of your new lot. Everything from sun exposure, views, prevailing winds, ground structure, trees and other natural elements will be maximized to give you the greatest quality of life.

Your commute will likely be a longer distance, but a lot of that drive will be on fast roads so it’s quite possible that your total commute time will be similar or even less than many of the sub-urban communities in Calgary.

Depending on which side of Calgary you decide to build, you can have much better access to areas outside the city. Think of Chestermere Lake to the East, Okotoks and Black Diamond to the South, Airdrie and Cross Iron Mills to the North, with the west bringing you much closer to Bragg Creek, Canmore, Banff and all the mountains have to offer.


The real reason for building your custom home on an acreage is the space. Space to enjoy scenic views, space for your children to play outdoors, space to entertain guests, and space for hobbies like horseback riding, tennis or even golf. The solitude, privacy and options that come with an acreage home are absolutely priceless.


Contact Copper Brook today to discuss your dream home. Whether you have your land chosen or need help in finding the perfect location, we are here to help every step of the home building process. We’re happy to answer all your questions and will take the time to build the home you deserve.