There are so many options available when planning a new home design or thinking of a major renovation. Your choices from everything from floor layout, appliances, materials, finishes and interior design are virtually endless. It can be overwhelming to decide what you want to your dream home to become. It’s a great idea to get as much design inspiration as you can, long before you start the planning process. At Copper Brook, we take great care in guiding clients through the renovation and home building process, but it’s always a good idea to browse some of the options available to you. It’ll help your family members agree on what the final outcome will be and it’ll help in articulating your ideas to designers and architects. Here are some great online websites for ideas and inspiration as you think about creating your ultimate dream home.


Dwell magazine’s website is a great place to start generating ideas for a finer quality home. With a focus on high-end architecture around the world, you’re sure to discover innovative ideas from some of the world’s best architects and designers. Try out the home tours for inspiration from top architects. There are renovations, small spaces, kitchen, and bath categories that will also help you with your research.


Start off with the Remodelling 101 Guide for numerous articles on everything from kitchen countertops to choosing sinks and faucets. With ample high-quality photos, you’re sure to get some great ideas for your home. Check out the Architecture / Interiors section for more design inspiration.


Browse through the high definition photos on Houzz to find more ideas for remodelling or building your new home. There are thousands of articles on remodelling, architecture, decorating, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Home & Design

Home & Design magazine is packed with great articles and beautiful houses around the world. Browse through the Architecture, Interior Design, or Kitchen & Bath sections see what the best architects and designers are creating.


The popular TV show has a website full of video, articles and photo galleries that can help guide your home design. Start with Design 101 and then go to Rooms for great examples of kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, kids rooms and more. This is a massive site that will keep you busy for hours.

Collecting your Design Inspiration

As you are browsing through all the websites, be sure to bookmark pages that you particularly like for further reference. You can use a site like Pinterest to categorize your finds or just bookmark them in your web browser by pressing Command + D. Share your discoveries with your family and have them collect their own favourites to review. The more ideas you start with, the closer you’ll get to the perfect house.