You’ve decided it’s now time to renovate your home, perhaps because it’s a little out of style or you need something new. Redecorating your house can seem like a hassle and it can be challenging and costly. With so many different options it can be especially difficult to know where to start. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling on renovations for your home!


As you would when planning out anything, you should write down important notes on your big project. Choose what you like about the room, and what kind of style would suit it. Also make a note of what you don’t necessarily like, and what needs to be changed.


Start looking for photos of rooms that you like. Even if you will have someone designing a room for you, providing a picture of what rooms you like will help. Over a few weeks start to collect a few. Your tastes could evolve immensely, so by giving yourself a larger time span you might be able to see a pattern in what you’re choosing. CLICK HERE for some amazing resources to help you find your inspiration.


Take into consideration what you already have. This can be something as small as throw pillows, a colour of paint or even some furniture. If it pairs well with the style you’re going with, you might as well keep it! This helps if you can’t afford to decorate the whole house at once. Start with a room you spend a lot of time in. Once you choose a room, or a starting point, make a list. This is a list of things you’ll need, and what you want. Write down absolutely everything you want! Afterwards, go through it and narrow down what in that list is most important.


As boring as it may seem. Drawing up a simple floor plan will not only motivate you, but help you organize your ideas and thoughts. It also helps you see if everything will fit, and go together nicely. You can find tons of free floor programs online as well to make it even easier. CLICK HERE for some advice and technology on how to create your dream floor plan.


Choosing a palette can always be tough. A lot of people have different opinions on where to start; some suggest flooring, others suggest wall art. The best way to choose your colours is to start with an item you love. If there’s a special piece of art, a unique chair or a chic rug you want in that room, pair it to that. This ensures it goes nicely with pieces you really want in that room, and it’ll turn into a room you adore.


Painting is definitely one of the cheapest, yet most effective ways to personalize and change a room. The colours of the wall make a huge impact on the room itself, and can brighten, or darken anything. If painting a whole room seems too intimidating, start with an accent wall and see what works with that.


If al of this seems a little too time costly, and intimidating find a professional to help you. They’ll do a large portion of the work, and you can still have an input but less stress. The professional can help you realize what you want, organize and clarify your style, and assist you in ensuring you create a room that you’ll love.

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