When you love your home, but want it upgraded, minor cosmetic renovations can bring new life to your house. New paint, carpets, kitchen cabinets, and appliances all go a long way to making your older home feel new again. There are times when the old layout of your home no longer best suits the needs of your family. That is when a more comprehensive structural renovation is required. Copper Brook specializes in larger, custom home renovations that will completely transform your home.

What are Structural Renovations?

Changing the layout of your home, removing walls, reinforcing supporting structures, adding a new room or new level, are all types of structural renovations. These major renovations will completely transform the layout, style and comfort of your home.

While structural renovations tend to be more costly than simple cosmetic renovations, they can also substantially increase the value of your home by modernizing the layout, bringing electrical, plumbing, insulation, and energy efficiency up to modern standards and generally making your home much more beautiful.

Maybe you want an open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows, higher ceilings, or anything else you can imagine? Almost anything is possible with the right renovation experts.

Why Structurally Renovate your Home?

Major structural renovations are more common on older and typically smaller homes with outdated layouts, under utilized spaces, and other inconveniences like limited closet space, small bathrooms, or master bedrooms facing noisy streets.

It can be hard to destroy a family home you’ve been in for decades, but you still want a more functional and modern home. These older homes can still be in beautiful character neighbourhoods, with large trees and walkable communities. You might not want to leave the community just because your home is getting older. More importantly, you probably love your home. That is where all your family memories are so uprooting to a new sub-urban community might be out of the question. A major home renovation can allow you to keep your family house, while giving you the home of your dreams.

Bring Your Home Up-to-Code

Substantially changing the layout of your home also gives you an opportunity to update electrical, plumbing, entertainment system infrastructure, insulation, windows and more. Older homes were not designed for modern, technology-based lifestyles.

Removing walls, replacing ceilings and modernizing your kitchen and bathrooms is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home’s infrastructure to modern standards. You can have a modern, comfortable and energy efficient home without moving. Consider upgrading to a smart home with on-demand hot-water, floor heating systems, modern home office space and enough electrical outlets for the most demanding requirements. Your teenagers will love you.

Structural Remodelling Experts

If you are only doing minor renovations like re-painting or re-tiling, then you won’t have to scrutinize the quality of your renovations contractor. Most contractors can do a reasonable job on small upgrades. Structural renovations are different. The safety of your home and family depend on the quality of renovation company you choose. Structural renovations require skilled architects and engineers to make sure supporting structures will support your updated home. Your foundation and support beams will need likely need enhancing to support your new home layout. You need experts you can trust.

Planning for the Big Renovation

A large scale home renovation will take time to plan and accurately budget. You want to work with a Calgary renovation company that will take the time to listen to your needs, guide you to best options within your requirements and do the work on time and on budget. A custom home builder like Copper Brook has the experience and expertise with high-end luxury home construction and remodelling to undertake large-scale structural renovations. Don’t settle for anything less.